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Alexi Harding | Background

Alexi Harding is an award-winning financial services executive who is changing the norms of the private equity sector. With diverse experience in market analysis and business development, Alexi is uniquely equipped to identify investment opportunities and oversee them from their concept through to their finished product.

After graduating from Ithaca College with honors with a B.A. in political science and economics, Alexi Harding joined Mutual of Omaha as a registered representative. Within one year, Alexi distinguished himself as a top tier sales professional; he earned the coveted Chairman’s Council Award and was promoted to District Sales Manager. Alexi flourished in this role for three years, receiving the company’s Field Management Award, and gaining industry attention from other firms, including New York Life Insurance Company (NYLIC), where he was later recruited as a partner. At NYLIC, he worked with the managing partner and talent teams to create a more productive recruitment strategy for potential insurance agents. He also personally trained a sales team of approximately 400 people. Alexi’s effort and corresponding success as one of the top ten NYLIC partners earned him a Leading Partner Award and the Gathering of Eagles Award, among other distinctions.

Following his time at NYLIC, Alexi Harding made his first entrepreneurial leap and founded an angel investment partnership. Fascinated by the nuances of investing, he went on to head sales and client acquisition activities at Clewed for three years, where he screened potential business opportunities and closed multiple client deals. Using his prior entrepreneurial experience and the skills gained at Clewed, Alexi went on to form The Opes Group, where he develops client sourcing strategies, leads the firm’s networking initiatives, and coordinates investor relations. Alexi Harding spearheads The Opes Group’s mission to source a diverse mix of clients and investors with varying needs and investment interests to create mutually beneficial, long-term private equity solutions.

As Senior Managing Director of The Opes Group, Alexi offers clients financial services across three primary verticals: advisory services, capital solutions, and a vast knowledge network. In regards to advisory services, The Opes Group stands with clients to develop proper business planning, to oversee potential operational restructuring, and to provide sales and marketing strategy in order to place your business in the best possible position for success.

Concerning capital solutions, Alexi Harding and The Opes Group creatively structure and accordingly arrange debt and equity financing solutions from “traditional lenders to private sources such as middle market funds and EB-5 channels.” By ensuring the goals of those capital investors align with the goals of aspiring (or established) entrepreneurs, The Opes Group decreases miscommunication and facilitates collaboration. When both entrepreneurs and traditional lenders share a central vision, the business stands the best chance for profitability.

Supplementing these two vital pillars of The Opes Group’s unique approach is the vast knowledge network that becomes available to clients the moment they choose to stand with The Opes Group. Subject matter experts and highly placed C-suite executives provide unparalleled insight into the financial industry at large.

Alexi Harding | Awards


Leading Partner Award

(awarded top 10 partners)

New York Life Insurance Company

Gathering Eagles Award

(awarded to top recruiters)

New York Life Insurance Company

Field Management Award

(awarded to highest producing managers)

Mutual of Omaha

Chairman's Council Award

(awarded to top producers per annum)

Mutual of Omaha

Blue Vase Award

(awarded to top producers per quarter)

Mutual of Omaha

Gold Glove Award

(new producers with top sales per quarter)

Mutual of Omaha

Alexi Harding | Outside of Work


Outside of his work in financial services, Alexi Harding is an avid athlete and marathon runner. He is affiliated with New York Road Runners, a non-profit fitness organization, and most recently he ran the 2015 New York City Marathon under Team Continuum’s banner. Alexi credits running as a major influence on his sense of focus and discipline. Far from just being a physical challenge, a good run needs to be conquered mentally, and Alexi believes that every runner has a unique story.

Alexi Harding believes that continuously pushing yourself and constantly moving outside of your comfort zone causes you to grow not just physically and personally, but mentally and professionally as well. By perpetually striving to do your best, you learn to never settle, never become complacent, and never give up. By applying this mentality that Alexi learned from running, he is able to bolster and support The Opes Group as it becomes a rising force in the private equity industry.

Alexi Harding is also active in nonprofit work. He is always looking for ways to help his community both in the United States and in Jamaica and has inspired a commitment to service in his colleagues at The Opes Group. The company supports a range of social and charitable causes (often featured on its website) and is currently assisting a Long Island based non-profit group, Old Harbour & Friends Association, to improve its fundraising techniques in order to finance college scholarships, medical care, senior care, soup kitchens and a range of other necessary amenities that are not easily available in certain low-income neighborhoods.

By giving less fortunate individuals the opportunities they deserve, Alexi Harding hopes to gradually bring education and ultimately a better quality of life to neighborhoods currently dealing with increased poverty rates. In supporting a variety of charitable efforts, Harding is bringing hope to those who need it most.