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Summer is officially in full swing. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and the beaches and amusement parks of the world are being flocked by thousands of people looking to travel and relax. But while you’re traveling abroad, enjoying some well-deserved rest and relaxation with your family, why not be charitable while doing it? Here are a few ways to have fun and give back.


Use a Charity Site

I’m sure that many of you out there who’ve planned a vacation have looked online for the best possible airfare. And once you find the best deal, you purchase those tickets online. If you’re already buying tickets online, you might as well look into a website like Goodshop. In short, Goodshop is a website that aggregates discounts on multiple products and services, including airfare. While that may sound like any other discount website, Goodshop takes it one step further by allowing shoppers to choose from a variety of charities, and then donating a percentage of your cost to that charity. It is an incredibly useful tool that almost anybody who shops online should use. Not only can you purchase your airplane tickets from the site, you can also book a hotel room and even rent a car. The site works with over 110,000 well-known charities.


Hotel Outreach Programs

If you’re traveling out of state this summer, chances are you will be booking a hotel room. Depending on the length and situation of your stay, you may want to look into a hotel outreach program . These programs allow hotel guests to become actively involved in the surrounding community. For example, certain Loews Hotels have a Good Neighbor policy that allows guests to participate in local food drives and homeless shelters and Sandals Resorts has a Reading Road Trip program where guests read to the children of the community. These are two clever and convenient ways of giving back to other communities.

Donate Your Points and Miles

Are you a frequent flyer? Do you stay at the Hilton so much that you have racked up an enormous amount of points? If so, you may to want to consider donating those points to charities or nonprofit organizations. The Salvation Army works with Delta and United Airlines for a miles donation program that enables the charity to evacuate or transport those in need quickly and efficiently; Make-A-Wish also accepts frequent flyer miles in order to facilitate certain wishes that require travel. It’s incredibly easy to donate your miles and points and can benefit a wide variety of those in need.


Traveling is natural. We all want to get away from our daily routine for a few fun and carefree days. But it is important to remember that going to other parts of the world, or even the country, can offer a deep look into communities that need all of the help they can get. The next time you travel, consider one of these methods.