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America’s Charitable Giving is Slow

According to recent reports, America’s charitable giving seems to have slowed down a bit. Conducted by the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, the study claims that US charitable contributions have grown a measly 1.6% last year. What’s worse, anything under $1,000 had... read more

How To Build a Budget for Philanthropy

Philanthropy has become a huge part of today’s business mission. Almost every company, large or small, has some sort of philanthropic division in place. Google, Apple, Amazon, PepsiCo; these are only a handful of companies that are making philanthropy one of their... read more

Philanthropy Around the World

Despite the seemingly endless barrage of negative articles that make headlines every single day, the world is, largely, a positive place to live. And this very world is chock full of people who look for opportunities to do good, either in the form of a donation,... read more

Where There’s Life, There’s Hope

It seems as though, in today’s political and social climates, we all seem to be very upset with one another. Social media has created an outlet for expression that some people abuse. Others hastily respond to certain situations or events without truly thinking... read more

Finding the Female Founders Fund

America is the land of hope, opportunity and dreams. If you work hard enough, you’ll eventually find success. That’s the premise that this country was founded on. This is the country where millions immigrated to in order to find a better future. Well, unfortunately,... read more

The Gender Gap in Philanthropy

It’s no secret that, traditionally, society has been heavily skewed in the favor of males. This is prevalent in many sectors of society. Workforces are usually dominated by men, male athletes, entertainers, executives and politicians are traditionally paid more than... read more

How To Donate to Charity If You’ve Won the Lottery

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Mega Millions jackpot rose to an astounding, and record-breaking, $1.537 billion. That’s almost the most money any Mega Millions lottery has ever given away. And, unfortunately for millions of Americans across... read more

Inspiring Female Philanthropists

I heavily endorse philanthropy; I’ve stated it time and time again. While I’ve given a great deal of attention to philanthropists in the past, I wanted to focus this article on female entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, in today’s society, men are typically acknowledged for... read more

How To Create A Strategy For Philanthropy

For many young business professionals today, philanthropy is simply a way of life. Millions of business professionals are used to embarking on various philanthropic endeavors for the benefit of humanity. The concept of philanthropy is nothing new. In some way, shape... read more

The Video Gaming Community Gives Back

As a proponent of philanthropy, I believe that it is crucial for all people to come together and give back to their respective communities. Therefore, whenever a successful charity event occurs, I like to highlight those achievements. Recently, the gaming community... read more

Ithaca College’s ICUnity Summer Event

The school year is officially over, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still stay in contact with our colleagues. Ithaca College wants to facilitate these kinds of mid-summer meetings! If you’re available, make sure to head over to Ithaca... read more

Denzel Washington Motivational Speech on Failure

Hello everyone, I’m back with another video to share about failure. Some people may look at failure as a negative topic, but it can always be observed in a positive light. Failure is a necessary part of life. In order to avoid mistakes, we must first make them.... read more

Will Smith Offers His Thoughts On Failure

We all know Will Smith. He’s a world-famous actor and former/occasional rapper/musician. He has taken the entertainment industry by storm and audiences have loved his personality. For a time, almost every film he worked on was a major blockbuster. He also has a... read more

What To Do: National Reading Awareness Month

March is a month full of awareness and celebration. Not only is it Women’s History Month and Red Cross Month, it is also National Reading Awareness Month. With today’s technological advancements, the world now has access to millions of books at the tap of a finger,... read more

The Police Force: All is Not Lost

It is no secret that America has a storied history with racial tension. Much of that racial tension has come to fruition throughout the course of America’s history in many different ways. Most recently, this tension has come in the form of police brutality. Through... read more

Against The Odds

The 2018 Winter Olympics will begin on Friday, February 9. Participating teams look forward to displaying great athleticism in winter-related sports. Although we are always excited to see America’s finest athletes compete respectfully against other nations, we here at... read more

Diversity in Thought

In today’s day and age, diversity is an incredibly touchy, yet important, subject. America was founded on the ideals that any person, through hard work and determination, can realize their dreams and find great success. The journey to glory has been arduous for... read more

How to Donate to Charity in Fun and Unique Ways

It’s that time of year; Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is soon to follow. Along with the turkey, Black Friday deals and quality family time comes another popular holiday tradition: charity. People tend to become more charitable during the holiday... read more

Katherine Johnson Gets NASA Building Dedication

NASA recently unveiled a new building in honor of Katherine Johnson, the woman who was instrumental in NASA’s earliest space missions. You might remember Johnson from the recent Hollywood hit Hidden Figures. The building, dubbed the Katherine G. Johnson... read more

What is Digital Poverty?

Human society has come a long way since prehistoric civilization. The Enlightenment, the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution are a few of history’s greatest periods of expansion and higher thinking. We are now in the midst of a new revolution: the digital... read more

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma: How to Help

The Southern United States has had a rough couple of weeks. First, Houston and the surrounding Texas area was hit by Hurricane Harvey in late August, and just recently, Southern Florida was hammered by Hurricane Irma. Both of these hurricanes have caused tremendous... read more

IBM, ACS and PTO: The Winning Formula

I’ve often discussed the importance of charitable donations to our society. And while it’s important for each and every one of us to give back to our communities, I believe that it is equally important for large, high-profile companies to donate their time and... read more

The Technology of Giving

Technology has allowed our society to drastically change and evolve. With the help of technology, we can now complete tasks that were not possible 10-15 years ago. Technology has invaded almost every aspect and industry in our world, from finance to construction. One... read more

Student Loan Debts Forgotten?

According to a report from Experian, billions of dollars in student debt could disappear due to a major clerical error. Here is an excerpt of the original article: “Many borrowers with student loan debt may have just received an unexpected gift. As reported by... read more

Which Generation is Most Charitable?

There are many divides between the generations on this planet. Millennials are considered lazy and selfish, whereas those who fought in World War II are widely considered the “Greatest Generation.” This obviously has a lot to do with the circumstances that these... read more

Being Charitable While Traveling

Summer is officially in full swing. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and the beaches and amusement parks of the world are being flocked by thousands of people looking to travel and relax. But while you’re traveling abroad, enjoying some well-deserved rest... read more

Jeff Bezos Wants “Short-Term” Philanthropic Ideas

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, is one of the world’s wealthiest people. With a net worth of approximately $84 billion, Jeff Bezos is certainly a man with a lot of money to give. And, although he has given a fair amount of money to charitable causes, he still... read more

What is MealConnect?

According to Feeding America, over $200 billion worth of food is wasted every year in America alone, which equates to 72 billion pounds of food. That is a lot of food that goes uneaten. Obviously, since the dawn of man, our society has faced the issue of homelessness... read more

Portland Train Incident

The New York Times recently wrote an article about the Portland, Oregon train incident. Here is an excerpt: “America may seem leaderless, with nastiness and bullying ascendant, but the best of our nation materialized during a moral crisis on a commuter train in... read more

Surprising Celebrity Charitable Efforts

It is no surprise that celebrities give money to charity; they do it all the time, either for tax purposes, good publicity or because they are genuinely nice people. That being said, there are celebrities who are involved in a number of unusual charities or... read more

Celebrity Entrepreneurs

When we think of celebrities we tend to envision vast sums of money, lavish lifestyles, some form of artistic or athletic talent, and not much else. While we love watching celebrities, from actors to athletes, as a society, we do not normally think of them as savvy... read more

Easy Ways to Volunteer

April is National Volunteer Month. And although April is long gone, it isn’t too late to focus on volunteerism. While having a month dedicated to volunteerism is important, we should not only focus on the subject for one month out of the year. Volunteering is a... read more

Is Being a Millionaire Not Enough?

Have you ever struggled with money? Have you had issues just trying to put food on the table, while you constantly work as hard as you can in the hopes that someday you can achieve the ultimate American Dream? Becoming a millionaire was once lauded as one of the... read more

Marijuana as a Business

It has been the subject of many debates. Originally grown to create ropes, sails and clothing, and later used medicinally, this hotly contested crop has been a part of human civilization for centuries. The use of marijuana was legally outlawed in the 1930s but in... read more

Charles F. Feeney: The James Bond of Philanthropy

When one thinks of charitable contributions to society and philanthropic work, the first thing to come to mind is typically not James Bond. The debonaire spy is well known for his high-speed car chases, shootouts, and successful attempts at thwarting villains... read more

How To Scam Proof Your Charitable Donations

The holiday season has come and gone once again, and made way for a brand new year. And with a brand new year comes the inevitable and infamous new year resolutions. If you have yet to devise a resolution for 2017, why not look into charitable donations? It is always... read more

NYC AIDS Memorial Unveiled on World AIDS Day

We typically associate the month of December with festivities, holidays and ringing in the New Year but there is also another, all too important topic that tends to be overlooked by the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and celebration: AIDS. Since its discovery... read more

A Home For the Holidays…and Beyond

With Thanksgiving having just passed, and a variety of other holidays just around the corner, it’s safe to say that the holiday season is in full swing. And while the holidays are typically associated with commercial giving, let us not forget the importance of being... read more

Giving Thanks After Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving behind us, most of us are not only still full of turkey, but gratitude as well. While most of us know that being grateful is generally a good rule of thumb, we don’t realize that it can actually help both our well being and our relationships with... read more

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I think it is fitting to take some time to discuss a disease that affects so many families in this country; more than 250,000 women and at least 2,000 men are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer annually in the United... read more

CSR Gives Back

Corporate social responsibility is gaining greater recognition in mainstream media. It bolsters profits and gives back to the community at large. It not only contributes to our economy—it contributes to our community. Also known as corporate citizenship, it could... read more

Life More Abundant

In the twilight years of human life, we often see the elderly succumbing to fragile bodies, weak wills, and spiritual distress. However, there are those who seem to have found the secret to life, who live long and joyously until the end of their days. They don’t... read more

Philanthropic Acknowledgement

On the matter of selfless giving just discussed, I happened to be browsing the program booklet for the annual awards ceremony held by a charitable organization that does a lot of good work for my hometown in Jamaica when I came across my business partner’s name as one... read more

The Science Behind Philanthropy

Philanthropy is a tenet of the utmost significance in society today. By engaging in altruistic endeavors, we are helping those who cannot help themselves. Yet, there is more to charity than meets the eye. In fact, although it may sound ironic, you may be benefitting... read more

Team Continuum

The organization, Team Continuum, is a tremendous philanthropic effort dedicated to aiding all pediatric cancer patients in their fight against illness. Not solely focused on finding the cure, this organization puts forth work in the here and now to benefit those who... read more

Nanny of the Maroons

As I looked outside at the rainbow yesterday I smiled; a begrudging smile. Yes, the rainbow was lovely but it came at the expense of my not being able to have drinks outdoors in Bryant Park because of the downpour of rain. Now here I was stuck indoors nibbling on... read more

Dancing Classrooms’ Mad Hot Ballroom

If I’m at a party and I’m in a good mood, like anyone else would, I hit the dance floor. I certainly don’t have two left feet…I can move….but I wouldn’t say I’m a ‘Carlton’ (please tell me you watched the Fresh Prince of Bel Air). So yes, I used to hold my head high... read more


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