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Hello everyone,

I’m back with another video to share about failure.

Some people may look at failure as a negative topic, but it can always be observed in a positive light. Failure is a necessary part of life. In order to avoid mistakes, we must first make them. Perhaps one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard on failure comes from famous Hollywood actor, Denzel Washington. He is well-known for being one of the most successful and versatile actors of our generation. But he has failed, several times. In the video below, he is speaking at the University of Pennsylvania and offering his thoughts on failure, and how necessary it was for him and his career. He took those negative experiences and turned them into positive ones.

The video is incredibly motivating, and I trust that anyone who views it is inspired to move forward, regardless of what industry you work in. Entrepreneurs, actors, writers, musicians, business majors, it doesn’t matter. These stories resonate with everyone who is looking to become successful.