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In today’s day and age, diversity is an incredibly touchy, yet important, subject. America was founded on the ideals that any person, through hard work and determination, can realize their dreams and find great success. The journey to glory has been arduous for minorities and others on the ‘outside’ but we are finally beginning to see a fundamental shift in the mentality of major corporations and businesses on this front. People of all colors, shapes, sizes, genders and sexual orientations are making their voices heard and are forging a path to success.

A fantastic example of this diversity can be found in major fashion magazines such as Vogue. The 125-year-old American magazine that is synonymous with the latest fashion trends has been making major strides in fostering diversity in its roster of models. Just this year, Vogue featured both a Chinese female model (Liu Wen) and a plus-size model (Ashley Graham) on the cover of its March issue. This is the first time ever that a Chinese model has graced the cover of a Vogue magazine. This is a major win not only for minorities, but also for women of all shapes and sizes. And the battle for equality doesn’t end there; in September, CoverGirl announced that Maye Musk, mother of Tesla CEO and co-founder Elon Musk, would be the company’s newest ambassador. At 69 years old, Musk is the oldest CoverGirl to ever be featured and her success shines as a beacon of hope for those looking to find beauty at any age.

The Ultimate diversity coup may however be that of Miss Jamaica Universe Davina Bennett (click here to see a photo of the stunning contestant). She did the unthinkable. She wore her hair in an afro style that would have made Pam Grier proud and not only was she awarded a third place in the competition but the twittersphere was abuzz was claims that she was robbed and should have been crowned the winner. She was in effect, the People’s Princess. This was the first time that an afro-centric look was among the winners.

The Opes Group itself may even be considered among those on the forefront of change as our clients often remark that we may be the only minority owned firm in this space. A lot of change is underway but there is a lot more to be done; we are not out of the woods as yet. As we enter a new year let us strive to make it the best one yet for advancing this cause. Happy Holidays everyone!