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I heavily endorse philanthropy; I’ve stated it time and time again. While I’ve given a great deal of attention to philanthropists in the past, I wanted to focus this article on female entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, in today’s society, men are typically acknowledged for their power, wealth and charitable contributions. But women are just as successful, powerful and charitable. And so, I wanted to highlight a few females who’ve made major waves in the world of philanthropy.

Noella Coursaris Musunka

Noella took her painful past and utilized it as the mission statement for her non-profit, Malaika. After her father’s death, young Noella had to flee her home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo and be separated from her mother because she could not afford to provide for her. In order to prevent other young girls from enduring a similar fate, Noella founded Malaika which runs a free school that can teach up to 230 young girls from the village of Kalebuka. She hopes that her school can offer the young women of the Congo the education needed to become successful in their futures so that they may help change the economic prospects of her country.

Leila Janah

Ms. Janah has decided to focus her philanthropic work on providing others with jobs. Janah is looking to tear down the notion that the unemployed and poor want nothing more than an endless supply of handouts. She knows that the best way to improve the unemployment problem is, well, to create employment. And so, in 2008, she founded Samasource, an organization that works with major companies to take their large-scale, digital tasks and convert them into “micro-work,” as this article states. Since its creation, Samasource has worked with major tech companies such as Google and eBay to bring work, and income, to developing countries.

Lauren Bush

The niece of former president George W. Bush and former model didn’t decide to rest on her laurels and family name; instead, she decided to make a difference in the world and so, she founded FEED. FEED works exclusively to provide food and nutrition to children in underdeveloped nations. By purchasing one of the specially-designed tote bags, you can help provide a meal to multiple children around the world. Each bag has a number printed on the surface to denote how many children you are assisting in your purchase. Ms. Bush certainly devised a clever way to mix her passion for fashion and philanthropy.

These are only a small handful of women who are taking the lead in major philanthropic projects. There are hundreds of thousands of other women making sure that they make a positive impact on the world, leaving it a better place than when they found. I hope this blog inspires you to do your research on them, and maybe follow in their footsteps.