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The organization, Team Continuum, is a tremendous philanthropic effort dedicated to aiding all pediatric cancer patients in their fight against illness. Not solely focused on finding the cure, this organization puts forth work in the here and now to benefit those who need it most in real time. As their website articulates, T.C. “minimize(s) the burdens of everyday life by providing immediate and vital assistance for non-medical essentials – like paying their rent and utility bills – so they can focus on crucial medical care.”

By implementing numerous programs, Team Continuum has the flexibility to touch the lives of many without ever being confined to any one particular area. This allows the organization to make deft decisions in order to provide the best possible value for patients. Take, for instance, the Patient/Family Assistance Program.

Through the Patient/Family Assistance Program, Team Continuum foots the bill for patients’ non-medical bills. So basically, they will pay the rent, mortgage, utilities, gas, car, transportation to/from treatment, temporary out-of-town accommodations, and more. Essentially, they will pay for nearly anything that will make life easier for the child and their family, a wonderful relief from the pressure unexpected medical costs undoubtedly create. Unfortunately though, as of 1/1/2016, this program is only available to families dealing with childhood cancers (meaning the patient must be aged 0-18 years old).

There is also the Toys for Kids Program. A brand new initiative, Team Continuum has vowed to host two annual toy drives that will benefit hospitals and care facilities in the NYC Metro Area. These toys, video games, and books bring joy to children who must be segregated from their family for long periods of time. While toys are certainly no substitute for the loving embrace of family, it is at least some solace knowing that Team Continuum is helping these children in whatever way they possibly can.

Just as well, Team Continuum has partnered with the Fierce Foods Academy (FFA) in order to provide terminal children with proper nutrition. Spearheaded by the Max Love Project, the initiative delivers a “Fierce Foods” kit to children in treatment in order to improve their quality of life. Although brief, this respite of gustatory delight is a minor miracle in and of itself, letting children forget at least for a moment their illness so that they can focus on the good in life.

Running under Team Continuum’s banner in the NYC Marathon has been a point of tremendous pride in my life, and is something I will continue to take in pride in over the remainder of my life. They provide a necessary and invaluable service for children.