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It seems as though, in today’s political and social climates, we all seem to be very upset with one another. Social media has created an outlet for expression that some people abuse. Others hastily respond to certain situations or events without truly thinking their words through. It has made for a very hostile environment.

Unfortunately, media and the general public like to focus on the negativity around the world; but not the Opes Group. We want to focus on the positivity around the world. This is precisely why I wanted to share a recent story of former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, being assisted by a veteran. The veteran, Anthony Maggert, lost his left leg due to a strain of flesh-eating bacteria. As he was driving, he noticed that Mr. Powell was on the side of the road trying to fix his tire. Maggert pulled over and assisted him.

This is a particularly poignant encounter, seeing as how Mr. Maggert is a white man and Mr. Powell is a black man. Maggert and Powell looked beyond racial boundaries and worked together to fix a problem. No one was upset with another. There was only kindness and human compassion.

We need to see more stories like this one make it into the public eye. It’s important to remember that we aren’t hate-filled animals. We are compassionate human beings capable of great things.

I’ve included a link to the article here.