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We all know Will Smith. He’s a world-famous actor and former/occasional rapper/musician. He has taken the entertainment industry by storm and audiences have loved his personality. For a time, almost every film he worked on was a major blockbuster. He also has a beautiful and multi-talented family and a great deal of wealth. It would seem as though he has accomplished everything you could think of, and yet, he is still eager to take on another medium: the Internet.

Recently, Will Smith created a YouTube channel for himself and has been vlogging for an audience of roughly 1 million subscribers. In these vlogs, he has been offering small glimpses into his life and his thoughts on certain topics. Ever the optimist, Will has also been sharing videos on inspirational topics and stressing the importance of failure and persistence. As someone who wholeheartedly agrees with him on his views, I figured I would share a few of his videos: